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what we do

Startup Financial provides Customized Financial Officer services. We prefer this term over "fractional CFO", as we customize our services to fit your business 100% of the time. This allows us to grow along with your company, creating a strong relationship with the entire team.

As your CFO we will oversee the financial function so you can focus on growing your business. Our broad array of experience can help with anything from setting up basic accounting processes, managing your day-to-day finances, building a strategic financial plan, supporting fundraising, or assisting with due diligence needs.

how it works

We spend some time (onsite or virtually) getting to know  your business and specific needs. We charge a fixed fee which is customized to your needs. The fee covers all services provided including phone calls, emails, and reports. No hourly rates, no worries.

As your needs evolve, we can change the services provided to best support your company's growth.

who we are

We are experienced financial executives who saw a need for strategic financial advice in the startup world. Our goal is to support the creation, growth and financial sustainability of new and innovative businesses.